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Bachelor of Arts, 1984

Major:  English

Minor:  Psychology

Summa Cum Laude


Master of Arts,  1986

English Composition


Film and Media



English Professor

Rhetoric and Composition

Honors Rhetoric and Composition

Developmental Writing

Fiction Writing

Non-Fiction Writing

Poetry Writing

Introduction to Film Art

Honors Film

Literature and Film

Horror Film

Online Courses

Tech Enhanced Courses

Hybrid Courses


Administration and Governance

Liaison to Part Time Faculty

Technology Liaison

Faculty Technology Committee

College-Wide Assessment

Discipline Assessment

Faculty Government

Grievance Committee



Web Consultant

Web Designer

Portal Administrator

Online Database Deployment

TechRhet founder

Editorial Board:  Kairos


Special Projects




Lanterns Home  Fun and Games  Online Portfolio


Healthcare Website and Portal Consulting

Virtual office spaces include document sharing, threaded discussion, calendars and announcements, associated email, and task and project management.  Databases and proprietary assessment tools designed and included upon request.

Marketing and Advertising

Archival Teaching Portfolio

Thanks to these students for granting me permission to take and use their picture.

That's me, sitting on the bottom step, surrounded by students.  This is the thing I miss the most about teaching!


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